A story like mine should never be told.

– Memoir of a Geisha


I’ve met an amazing array of people who feel the same way about their lives, about their ideas, or about their experiences. It is my esteemed privilege to have worked with many people to overcome that idea.

Stories NEED to be told.

As a ghostwriter, I connect with people to tell their stories. It requires a lot of time to outline, develop and write their tales. For me, the process takes between 4 – 6 months for a novel (50 – 80K words). For reasons I haven’t identified yet, non-fiction takes a bit longer, most likely due to research time.  At this stage in my professional career, I am what the industry would label as a “good deal”. After reading the links below about the field of ghostwriting, you can count on me to remain on the low-end of cost. In a few years, that rate will increase.

I have worked with the mentally ill who have ideas but cannot organize themselves to write. I have worked with the elderly to tell fantastic tales of The Cotton Club and the heyday of Harlem, stories they love but lack the energy to write. I’ve worked with parents struggling through chemo to write their life story, in case they are not around to tell it to their kids.

Step One is to educate yourself about Ghostwriting. Here are some links to get you started:

  1. Lisa Tener
  2. Laura Sherman
  3. Writer’s Services
  4. Jane Friedman

My process follows this general outline

  1. Assessment. I’m not suitable for all projects. I can tell you quickly if I’m for you.
  2. Contract: I have a straightforward contract that is easy to understand to cover both of our interests.
  3. Month One  Solidifying outline for the project and creating a working synopsis.
  4. Months Two – Four/Five: Create 3 submissions of 80 – 100 pages of content
  5. Month Five/Six: Addressing revisions requested by the client.

Areas where I will not be a good fit: religious content (unless you are exploring atheism, coming out of religion or have a liberal approach to religion), young adult genre, anything to do with vampires or werewolves, and generally I steer clear of horror.

I have no problem writing subject matter that is on the fringe, taboo, or edgy. Conversely, I have a knack for taking the mundane and finding the magic in it so don’t assume your story is boring. (Think of that scene in American Beauty with the floating plastic bag!)

Not scared off? Splendid – let’s talk! Send a message through the fields below presenting your idea in the Comment section.